An Encomium of the Drop-Knife.

No knife is so slick,

It is quick on its trick

And a joy that will last you through life.

There is none ‘neath the sun

Just like it, not one,

It’s the Schrade Safety Push-Button Knife.

If the button is pressed

The blade does the rest,

Opens out like a thing all alive;

You break no thumb nail

In your efforts—that fail—

If you’re owning this Push-Button Knife.

It’s the handiest yet,

It is everyone’s pet,

And with all good knife merits it’s rife.

Its blades are rare steel,

And really ideal

Is this notable Push-Button Knife.

It’s the very quick pick

Of club, class, and clique,

Its equal they cannot contrive;

It’s a true treasure trove,

And a thing you will love

Is this wonderful Push-Button Knife.

A. W. BELLAW, DeGroff, Ohio

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