Philip Booth won the 2016 BLADE SHOW CUSTOM KNIFE AWARD for MOST INNOVATIVE DESIGN with this beautiful double bladed, scale release automatic knife.  Main blade releases right handed like most knives. Pen blade opens opposed, left handed.  

Blade and Bolsters are steel: Turkish pattern Damascus forged by Doug Ponzio.

Handle materials: Mammoth Ivory from Siberia Russia

Stainless Steel liners and spacer have decorative file work.

 For this beautiful DUAL scale release automatic:

Phil comes to knife making from the fine arts. As an award winning artist in both painting and printmaking, making knives is only a small leap. The art of knife making brings so many mediums into one work of art. Drawing, sculpting, and photography, plus many hours of handwork using an assortment of files.

"My knife making started the same as nearly all knife makers. My earliest knives were hunters made from old saw blades because you must start somewhere. This was in 1987 and by the early 90’s I found I was making folding knives and doing knife shows to sell my knives. I am still doing 4 shows per year. I like shows because I can spend time meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.

Besides having a great time at knife shows, it also allows me the opportunity to introduce new work. It’s an exciting time to be able to see the reaction of old and new customers when they get to see my new creations."

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