Like many things in life, this site comes from the inspiration, cooperation and hard work of many people. We hope you will enjoy it and come to understand our appreciation for automatic knives.

Some of the outstanding contributors that deserve recognition:

The “Ken”s - Ken P. and Ken W., whose efforts, knowledge and skills have made this site possible. Their are decades of experience are unmatched.  Ken W.’s ability to acquire rare and exotic examples of automatic knives from around the world have educated many of us to their existence.  Ken P.’s superior skills in repairing and restoring well-worn examples is well known amongst collectors.

Neal Punchard, the author, for his in-depth books on switchblades and his inspiration to create this  site in the first place.  His continuing consul on its development and direction are reflected in the content you see. and its creator, Bob C., for giving all of us collectors a place to buy and sell and, more importantly, a forum where we can all meet and exchange information and ideas. If you want to find the center of the automatic knife universe, this is the site and the individual that has held us all together.

And to all the members of that forum who have made this hobby a lot more wonderful and enjoyable because of their interactions.

Last but not least, all the individuals who have let the site use their images and knowledge of specific knives (Russel and Rick).



Thank you to Gary Glowinski for finding the first antique automatic knife I owned; a Pressbutton.

And to my dear friend, JP in France, who makes this all easier.

Switchblade Knife Information shares new, current and historical information about automatic opening knives.

The World of Automatic Opening Knives